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About The Assembly

  1. The organisation is a covenant body of senior Shotokan karate instructors dedicated to cooperating and teaching the strong traditional values of Shotokan Karate-do.

  2. The remit of the body it to develop and promote instructors in advanced instruction and traditional standards within the core groups for the benefit of those concerned.

  3. Members can only be be invited to join and must have groups or dojos affiliated to one of the recognised associations. Either SKBrF or Konjaku Shin International or such other groups as may be considered to be of an acceptable standard by the organisations Principals.

  4. There are be four levels of acceptance:  a)Affiliate  b) Associate  c) Fellow  d) Councillor. Such graduation will be offered by the Assembly Principals, as they consider appropriate.

  5. Affiliates must be, at least, twenty one years old, a minimum of Sandan (3rd Dan) and able to verify their published Grade levels from an acceptable source to the full satisfaction of the Principals. Re-Grading within a recognised organisation may also be an acceptable option.

  6. Affiliates will be invited to attend an annual seminar for instructors and teaching, each year, and depending on their technical performance and association standards, be raised to a higher graduate status.

  7. Members accepted by the forum will be expected to uphold acceptable technical standards, good discipline and, in particular, etiquette. They will also be required to make extraordinary efforts to harmonise and cooperate with all council members and recognised organisations.

  8. The organising shall be minimaly-financing (to cover small administration costs) and with all members covering their own personal costs and contributing their equal shared cost for any event / seminar etc.

  9. Annual subscription shall be GB £15 (UK applicants) or US $20 (International applicants), providing them with a photo I.D. tag identifying the member, their covenant status  within the organisation and the year of its validity and a certificate confirming their status. The members name and status will be published on the I.S.A. website, annually.

  10. Memberships shall be valid from the 1st of January each year and expire on the 31st of December that year. Members not renewing their subscription (within one calendar month)  or withdrawing from the organisation will have any accreditation withdrawn and their names removed from the website.

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