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Konjaku Shin was established in 1978 by Dave Kershaw.

It started in modest style, in a photography club hut in Cleethorpes, on the East Coast of England, and grew to be one of the largest and most successful clubs in Great Britain.

In that same year, Konjaku Shin affiliated to the then newly formed Shotokan Karate International Federation, headed by renowned Shotokan Karate Master Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa.

Dave studied extensively with SKI(GB) Chief Instructor Hanshi Shiro Asano, becoming one of his leading instructors in Great Britain. Hanshi Asano regularly visited the Konjaku Shin dojo in Grimsby, to teach and examine its members.

In 1994, Konjaku Shin obtained its own premises in Lower Spring Street, Grimsby. The former Bonded Store, housing three floors, was perfect for the job. The top floor features one of the finest dojos in the world.

In 2011, Konjaku Shin left SKI(GB) and became an association in its own right.

Affiliations are available and welcome from all individuals, groups and countries wishing to follow the traditional way of Shotokan Karate do.

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